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Impira (acquired by Figma) is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that enables its customers to extract valuable data from their documents, such as tables and graphs—without the headache of manual data entry.

Pain Points

Impira wanted to empower its customers with self-serve billing and unlock a new phase of product-led growth, but building an in-house solution would take precious resources from core product work.


Impira powers billing with Orb, which takes care of edge cases, payment collection, and reporting—without taking any resources away from Engineering or Product teams. Because customers can self-serve, they upgrade more—and the sales team has more leveraged conversations when they speak to customers. The entire team can focus on delivering better products and experiences to their customers.

Key Points
  • Impira decided to launch a self-serve option but needed billing infrastructure to support it
  • To avoid dedicating critical Engineering and Product resources, they rolled out Orb to power billing
  • Now, customers sign up on their own, and the team has real-time usage information to drive expansion conversations and product decisions

Historically, Impira relied on a sales-led, enterprise go-to-market motion, but over time, the team made the switch to self-serve billing to empower customers to sign up and unlock a new phase of product-led growth for the company.

Impira’s self-serve option allows customers to sign up, start uploading documents immediately, and pay as they use the product. As customers upload more pages, they are charged by usage or page uploaded.

The need for a usage-based billing engine

With a shift to a usage-based, self-serve model, Impira needed a way to bill its customers. They knew that an in-house solution would involve precious time from engineers and other teams to build, maintain, and update.

When considering billing providers, Impira had four main criteria: Ease of use, short implementation time, adaptability and flexibility for edge cases, and integration with other tools. Ultimately, they chose Orb over Stripe Billing because it’s built for usage-based pricing and would require zero patching to make their model work.

A fast rollout, thanks to integrations 

The team put together a technical document outlining the implementation to execute a seamless rollout. Quickly, it emerged how important correctness is—now that they were automating billing, the process needed to be airtight. The team relied on Orb’s Slack channel and team to work out edge cases and integrate with Orb’s API so that Impira customers—and the engineering team—wouldn’t have to worry about billing at all. 

Powering flexible billing and empowering customers

Today, Impira powers all of its billing, including edge cases, payment collection, and reporting, with Orb. Since integrating with Orb, they have seen a 4x increase in the number of upgrades per month. 

Plus, because customers can sign up on their own, initial sales conversations happen after they’ve already used the product, making sales interactions even more leveraged than ever before. With Orb, the Impira sales team has real-time information about usage, which helps with upsell or renewal conversations. 

Better focus on what matters to the business

With Orb, there’s simply more space on the roadmap to focus on Impira’s product. With the confidence that payments are collected accurately with Orb, the team doesn’t have to worry about how billing impacts the bottom line and can focus on what matters: delivering great products to their customers.

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