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Are you a billing company or
an AI company?

We created Orb so your engineering team could focus on shipping instead of building billing. Our powerful infrastructure for usage-based pricing takes away the tedious work of building and gives you back full control over your product.

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Never mess with your billing again

Don't waste time and energy on adjusting your billing infrastructure. Instead, give your pricing teams the power to make updates without added engineering time. Orb's extensible system enables customized pricing plans to work with the most sophisticated pricing models.


Ingest usage events in real-time

Recovering from data pipeline downtime is complex and can lead to inaccuracies that take time to fix. Orb's enterprise-ready system can ingest data in real-time and at scale, so teams can focus on building.


Solve for pricing today—and tomorrow

Orb is built with extensibility at its core, and our requirements list is built for what you need today and in the future. No more workarounds—your dev team can build however they want.


Set reporting on autopilot

With Orb, finance and billing teams can review usage data and export AR aging reports without eng intervention, so your team can stay focused on the product roadmap ahead.

Easily set up your pricing models—with less work

Your cross-functional teams can update pricing and billing with modern pricing models right out of the box. Or let Eng take control by customizing your models using Custom SQL.

Get a powerful infrastructure that supports your product

Orb’s platform is enterprise-ready and stress-tested up to 250,000+ events/second. Our ingestion infrastructure comes with idempotency guarantees to ensure your data is complete and correct.

Get a billing solution that’s future-proof

Stop hacking on billing workarounds and re-focus on your core product by using Orb. Our platform is built for modern billing. It’s customizable and extensible, so you can adjust your pricing structure to fit your product.

Give finance the keys, so you can focus on building

No more one-off pings to engineers to do a data-pull. Orb’s intuitive webapp allows your finance team to self-serve and see the data themselves. Now teams can get back to doing what they do best.

Orb plays a crucial role by providing real-time alerts and enabling us to deliver Replit on-demand to a larger user base.”
Ted Summer
Software Engineer

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