Accuracy by the numbers

Get revenue right the first time with a product that’s obsessed with the details and can seamlessly integrate with your existing tools. Orb eliminates errors so you can stop revenue leakage and reduce churn.

Make revenue recognition effortless

Stop stitching together complex datapoints across multiple systems. Orb handles everything from prepaid credit burndowns to mid-month bill cycle dates, to simplify compliance with ASC 606 standards.

Have a single source of truth

Never lose track of data again. Get granular with it—down to every single revenue activity—and generate detailed reports, automatically.

Unlimit your revenue

With consumption pricing, you can grow expansion revenue and increase NRR. Orb makes the transition to usage-based pricing easy and seamless.

Yes, we integrate with that

Orb seamlessly connects with the tools you’re already using. So all the apps—Salesforce, Excel, Netsuite, etc.—can plug right in and play together.

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It would be impossible for us to run all of the calculations Orb does for us in order to deliver the reporting we rely upon.”
Ericksson abad
Assistant Controller

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