Usage-based billing that actually scales with you

Developer-first billing infrastructure that’s flexible, reliable, and accurate—at every stage of your growth.

Drive insights on top of customer usage

Do away with rigid legacy solutions

Usage-based billing isn’t effortless, but it is mission-critical. The problem is, legacy solutions don’t scale and your engineering team lacks the resources to build a platform in-house. Your focus should be product innovation, not billing complexities—we’ll take care of those.

Accurate Bill for usage

Accurately bill for usage in real time

For any metric at any scale, Orb handles the data infrastructure complexity required to calculate accurate, audit-safe invoices. As your business scales, Orb does too, making sure your billing is reliable and effective.

Launch innovative pricing structures

Innovate pricing as your business evolves

Our unique focus on extensibility guarantees that we’ll support all the nuance in your pricing. We know that billing is mission-critical, so Orb will never be the provider that gets in the way of your business evolution.


How it works


Define value metrics on top of flexible events

Stream raw usage events to Orb as they happen, tagging them with labels relevant to billing. Using our extensible query engine, define any metric that makes sense for your business.


Encode flexible usage-based pricing models

Drive revenue growth with pricing levers like volume discounts, prepaid credits, and adjustable minimum commitments. Extend Orb with custom pricing functions unique to you.


Calculate real-time invoices and trends

Billing doesn’t need to be a one-time data pull. Monitor real-time account patterns and set anomaly alerts. Empower your teams (and your customers) with visibility into their usage.


Orchestrate price changes and contract renewals

Orb is the operational layer to roll out updates to your monetization. Schedule future price changes for customer cohorts with date-based and balance-based triggers.


Experiment with pricing

Test out alternate revenue strategies and model price change scenarios. Use our backtesting capabilities to compare scenarios against historical usage data.

Orb supports any usage-based billing model

Built specifically for high-growth enterprise software companies

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See what our customers have to say

See what our customers have to say

Trusted billing infrastructure for fast-growing companies

Lorilyn McCue
Head of Product

When we made the switch to self-serve billing and a customer signed up within the first day without any sales assistance, we knew we’d unlocked a new phase of product-led growth.

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