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What is orb?

The billing engine that transforms usage data into accurate invoices


Earn customer trust with clear and accurate billing

Know your numbers are correct with a billing infrastructure that turns your metadata into a single source of truth for all your teams.


Roll out price changes with complete control

Orb is the first-ever billing system that gives you granular control to make price changes in days, not months.


Modernize your invoice with real time data

Orb gives you a more powerful invoice, right out of the box. So your customers can have less confusion on line-items, and you can have less hassle, knowing no additional services are necessary.


Get revenue recognition right, every time

Simplify compliance with ASC 606 standards and stay audit-ready. Orb produces the final numbers for your revenue journal entries across even your most complex accounts.

At scale, billing is a hard problem that requires dedicated infrastructure and headcount. Orb frees up these resources, ensures accuracy, and gives our GTM team the tools to be more agile than ever.”
Julianna Lamb
Co-founder and CTO

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