Evolve your pricing & grow your revenue

Orb lets you change your pricing on the fly. Try volume discounts, dimensional pricing, prepaid credits, and more. So you can ship pricing as often as you ship product.

Price changes—without the mess

Orb makes price changes faster and easier, whether you need to move one customer or thousands. You can also pre-schedule changes, backdate migrations, and even manage different plan versions—all in one simple UI.

Have new ideas for billing? Go for it

Most companies are running with dated, stubborn billing tools. So when you have new ideas for revenue, you’re constrained. Orb was built to be flexible, so your best ideas can flex too.

Try before they buy

Our intuitive webapp is your playground for seeing real-time usage, so you can make real-time decisions. Try out alternative strategies, model price changes, even compare scenarios against historical data.

Orb allows us to deliver pricing flexibility to our customers with all of the usage and predictability levers we need.”
Jose Bethancourt
Co-Founder and CEO

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