Reimagining billing for
the era of hybrid pricing in software

Our mission

Orb is on an ambitious mission to provide every business with the infrastructure to unlock their revenue. Best-in-class businesses find ways to effectively align their monetization to product usage—whether that's through seats, consumption, feature limits, or usage-based tiers. Orb brings that opportunity to every software company.

At Orb, we take a developer-first, data infrastructure approach to this problem. We make it possible for companies to fully automate their billing and to experiment with pricing. Orb supports the end-to-end workflow for revenue: developers love our product’s extensibility and intuitive API, product managers become empowered to iterate on pricing and packaging much faster, finance teams get fine-grained reporting to facilitate revenue recognition, and customer-facing teams benefit from the transparency Orb brings to the customer relationship.

Our vision

Our vision is for pricing to move at the pace of product innovation. We’re building a single source of truth that can connect every unit of product usage to revenue and make it accessible to every team. Our end-to-end approach lowers the engineering floor required to iterate on pricing and packaging and powers critical business workflows to drive more effective decision-making.

Our investors

We're backed by top-tier VC and angel investors from companies at the forefront of enterprise software

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