Move faster to market, let us handle your billing

No matter what type of usage-based billing you need, Orb can handle it. You can ship your product faster, without worrying about billing limitations. Plus we’re fast to integrate so you can launch on time—without adding headcount or headaches.

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Launch on time— without compromise

Orb is designed to integrate with your full stack, fast. So you don’t delay your go-to-market launch because of billing. You can stay on schedule and free up time to focus on what matters—the roadmap.


Make your pricing work for you

Pricing can be a powerful growth lever for any product company. With Orb, you can grow your revenue by evolving and experimenting with your pricing without adding extra engineering time.

For a better experience

Increase customer trust

Take away billing surprises from your customer. Empower your team and customers with real-time visibility into billable usage and charges associated, so the end of the month shows numbers that are expected.

Get started in hours
—not days

It's easy to get started using Orb, so you can monetize and get your product to market fast. Start sending billable events in just a few hours, and if you’re in the middle of a billing cycle, no problem. We can backfill, so you never miss a thing.

Evolve pricing to hit revenue targets

Orb provides you with the tools you need to automate your price changes. You can schedule future changes, set up renewals, and use date-based triggers, all without extra engineering time.

Increase customer trust through transparency

Orb Invoices provide real-time views of billable usage that explain how the customer is getting charged. Plus our real-time threshold billing and alerts ensure that customers are not hit with a surprise invoice amount at the end of the month.

Yes, we integrate with that

Orb seamlessly connects with the tools you’re already using. So all the apps—Salesforce, Excel, Netsuite, etc.—can plug right in and play together.

“Our product does not exist to make billing perfect—that's something we have to do to build our product. I'm excited about spending more time getting the product right and still getting the benefit of good billing.”
Jeremy Press
Product Engineering Manager

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