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Get your price changes under control

Evolving your product’s pricing is a big change, but Orb makes it easy on your team, and your codebase. It’s the first-ever feature dedicated to helping your product and engineering teams keep price changes under control.

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meet our latest update

Here are 6 new things you can do

Migrate pricing
in bulk

Put the right customers on the right plans. Just select which ones you want to move over to your new plan, and which version you want them to use. All in one simple flow.

Schedule price changes in advance

Set price changes to start immediately, on a future date, or at the end of a term. Orb can even automatically migrate price change dates according to a customer’s billing cycle.

Get granular control of legacy pricing

Get clear on different plan versions, pricing structures, and metrics for legacy plans. See how many customers are on a plan as well as which customers are on which plan.

Cancel scheduled price changes

Sometimes things change. That’s no problem with Orb. If you need to unschedule price change migrations for any reason, you can do so in just a couple of steps.

View changes with our powerful UI

Non-technical teams like finance, product, and RevOps can now get an evolutionary view of your price changes, instead of just a single moment in time.

Use webhooks to power your workflows

Orb’s webhooks make pricing migration powerful. Trigger a customer email when a price change occurs or update an internal system of an upcoming price change.

Bulk Migrations

Adjust your pricing
not your code base

Stop manually migrating customers. With Orb, you can see and control exactly who is going to experience a price change—as well as what the price change will be, and when they go into effect. So no customers are left behind, and your codebase is left untouched.

Price plan scheduling

Plan the date, set the price—now you’re done

Stop needless delays and endless notifications, and get your pricing on schedule and in-sync with Orb. Our new features allow you to control exactly when price changes go live, even if you need to have multiple changes all at once. Have customers with varied bill dates? We can automatically adjust price migration to the end of their term.

Legacy price control

Stop with the spreadsheet

Still managing customers on a spreadsheet? No need with Orb. Now you can maintain and view different plan versions in one place, and easily migrate customers to a newer version. We know pricing is high stakes, so we give you side-by-side screens to compare and confirm changes before you submit.

powerful UI

Anyone can use it

Let your engineering teams work on your core product, and leave pricing changes to—anyone else. Orb’s simple, intuitive UI allows both engineers and non-technical stakeholders make changes to your pricing plans. Customize with less code, and more of your team.

We got to the point where we were thinking of building the functionality ourselves to update prices and roll them out to our customers. I think you all have just done it for us.”
Ted Summer
Product Engineer
Creating and updating plans and pricing is easy and intuitive with Orb, and significantly reduces our dependencies on engineering. We've already migrated approximately 40k customers to 3 different versions of our pricing, and it took 48 hours where it would've taken weeks before.”
Pablo Egido
Senior Software Engineer
As a fast-growing startup, iterating on pricing quickly is crucial. We’re launching new AI tools this month and Orb's new feature makes it easy for us to update our pricing without any code changes, tedious migrations, and costly manual errors.”
Alon Bartur
Co-founder and CEO
Orb’s latest Versions and Migrations feature is perfect for us. I easily migrated tens of thousands of customers across a handful of plans in a matter of minutes while using it, and know it'll save us hours of time and many headaches in the future.”
Kevin Hedrick
Head of Biz Ops

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