Invoicing your customers (and finance team) will love

With real time visual data, invoices from Orb give you peace of mind and your customers full transparency. No more unexpectedly large bills or line-item confusion.

Unblock your finance team

Now everyone has a single source of truth for revenue. No more late night emails for one-off data pulls. It’s all right in front of you—24/7.

Take control of your invoices

Orb allows you to send invoices with confidence. Look at accruals in realtime, conduct manual review of invoices and even edit drafts to support specific needs.

Get paid how you want

With integrations to payment gateways like Stripe, Orb enables you to offer convenient payment options such as credit cards and ACH.

See what needs attention

Orb surfaces past-due invoices that need your attention. Recover failed payments with our smart retry logic.

We want to focus on solving the problems our customers are having, not worrying about how to invoice them.”
Jeff Silver
Co-founder and CTO

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