Get accurate reporting every time—let us automate your billing

Stop entering data manually or worrying about billing mistakes or incorrect invoices. With Orb, billing is automated, even for the most sophisticated pricing models. Now you can prevent revenue leakage and add to your bottom line.

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for BETTER accuracy

Access real-time usage data

Orb provides a real-time, accurate view of billable usage and a detailed breakdown of charges. Now you can invoice error-free with confidence and transparency.

for increased productivity

Work from a single source of truth

Stop wasting energy by gathering product usage and pricing data across multiple tools and teams. Use Orb’s flexible system to store all of your billing calculations in one place, so you can find what you need.


Recognize revenue with ease

Review your usage data and revenue insights in Orb’s simple, easy to use UI and export AR aging reports without adding eng support. Plus, keep all the price change history so you’re ready for any future audits.

Show usage transparently to increase customer trust

Orb is designed to process and analyze granular data accurately. Plus our threshold billing and alerts are sent in real-time, so customers are never caught by surprise at the end of a billing cycle.

Multiple pricing models, single source of truth

We provide multiple pricing models right out of the box, so teams can build pricing plans that work for their custom contracts. Better yet, anyone can set up pricing with a drag-and-drop UI, and no added eng time. Once it’s set up, you’ll have a single source of truth, no more one-off data pulls needed.

Make revenue recognition effortless

Get accurate RevRec without added complexity. You no longer need to stitch together complex datapoints across multiple systems. Orb handles everything from prepaid credit burndowns to mid-month bill cycle dates.

Yes, we integrate with that

Orb seamlessly connects with the tools you’re already using. So all the apps—Salesforce, Excel, Netsuite, etc.—can plug right in and play together.

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Since adopting Orb, we save 24-48 hours on the month-end close process because all the calculations are automated and stored in the same place.”
Ana Victoria Borges
Finance Manager at Belvo

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