Announcing Orb's finance customer advisory board

Alvaro Morales

Today’s finance and accounting leaders face a delicate balancing act: macroeconomic slowdowns demand financial austerity and cost-cutting. At the same time, emerging technologies present an opportunity to rethink and rebuild existing processes from first principles. Walking this tightrope requires both a commitment to the business fundamentals and a readiness to embrace change. 

At Orb, we believe the shift to usage-based pricing is emblematic of the market’s evolving needs and technological capabilities - a re-alignment of price to customer value. Incumbent technologies have been unable to keep up with this and other shifts, leaving key finance workflows like reporting and revenue recognition as afterthoughts at best and business risks at worst. 

This is why we’re assembling a group of finance leaders to join Orb’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB). If you dabble in spreadsheet perfection and identify as a bit of a visionary, this is the group for you. 

As a member of the CAB, you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping the future of solutions you’ve long been asking for, pressure-testing our product surface area for finance professionals, and influencing our product roadmap.

Orb's Finance Customer Advisory Board

CAB members will gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources and opportunities:

  • Inclusion in a shared, highly-curated Slack channel with fellow CAB members
  • Invitations to recurring finance leaders’ dinners, fostering peer-to-peer exchange and thought leadership
  • Bi-annual in-person CAB events which provide an opportunity to delve deeper into industry trends and best practices

If you’re a finance leader who embraces innovation and is eager to shape the future of monetization, we would love to hear from you. 

Please complete this form to express your interest in joining Orb’s Customer Advisory Board.

June 24, 2024

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