Ready, set, export: granular billing data at your fingertips

Eric Murphy

Your billing data is a key component for powering your revenue workflows. From revenue forecasting to customer analytics, these workflows rely on reliable access to fine-grained data about customers and their billable usage.

Today, we’re announcing a new capability to make it even easier to export this data to your destination of choice: data exports.

With just a few clicks, configure the destination and select which datasets to include, like invoices and subscriptions. The data will be exported daily, so teams across your company can easily access the latest and most accurate information. We support several destinations, including BigQuery, Redshift, Amazon S3, and Snowflake, with more coming soon.

Better data for more powerful workflows

1. Drive efficiency in the month-end close process

  • Accounting teams can self-serve all the data they need to close out the month — all without relying on engineering support to build custom data pipelines.

2. Improve forecasting with higher-resolution data

  • FP&A teams can leverage Orb’s detailed line item information with precise attribution of discounts and credits. With a richer underlying data model than most other solutions, forecasting becomes less of a guessing game.

3. Understand customer cohorts by analyzing usage and upgrades

  • Growth teams can identify patterns in customer usage and their impact on upgrades and churn using subscription and customer data.

Designed for ease and accuracy

We built this feature with the knowledge that data teams are busy enough as it is working to keep the business (and its data) going; they don’t need a time-consuming and difficult process to bog them down. We wanted to ensure that our customers could set up data exports easily and on their own.

To accurately power daily data exports, Orb needs to track when datasets are updated. These changes are tracked transactionally in Orb’s system whenever a relevant resource is created, updated, or deleted. These changes function as a timeline, recording actions that occur to a given resource. Orb’s data exports leverage this timeline and use it as a basis for determining which resources have been updated recently.

We also need timely delivery to ensure customers can get the most value from data exports. Behind the scenes, Orb has a data orchestration platform powering the serialization, export, and syncing of resources to our customers’ destinations. This platform was designed to quickly export resources by going directly to Orb’s database, avoiding the layers of work that are normally performed when fetching the resources over Orb’s API. The data orchestration platform is also resilient to failures, ensuring we retry exports that fail so we can reliably deliver data to customers. See our docs for more information.

The future

And we’re just getting started! We’re continuing to make improvements to ease of use and data visibility. Support for more data destinations, increased frequency of exports, and more are coming soon.

Ready to access your usage-based billing data easily? Please reach out or try it out for yourself.

February 15, 2024
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