New in the Orbit: product updates from January

Christina Hsu

In January, Orb shipped new features designed to make your billing operations more powerful. This roundup includes custom pricing units, an enhanced capability to apply discounts in bulk, increased invoicing efficiency, and a new status page.

Build one or multiple custom pricing units

You asked, we listened: credits across multiple dimensions! You can now create one or multiple custom pricing units and assign each to a specific price in your plans.

Once you set up the custom pricing units, you can set a unit price for each in the plan creation flow to support overage calculations. Downstream, Orb will also display usage and overage line items on your customer's invoice in the appropriate pricing unit.

For example, you might offer three types of credits: Storage, Compute, and Support. Now, you can create three custom pricing units, one for each. When you create your plan, you can add a price in each unit. As your customers accrue usage for each unit, the corresponding credit blocks will be deducted. For instance, if a customer accrued Storage usage, only the Storage credits will be deducted.

Apply discounts with more control and efficiency

You can now apply discounts, maximums, and minimums to a subset of prices within a plan. Based on your settings, Orb will automatically calculate the discounts, maximum, and miniums on your customer invoice. For example, if you would like to apply a $100 minimum spend requirement to two out of three prices in your pricing plan, Storage and Support, then Orb will only count the spend for the two prices towards the minimum. Orb will not count the spend for the third price, Upload Events, towards the minimum.

Increase invoicing efficiency

We streamlined invoicing workflows so you can now issue one-off, immediate fixed fee invoices within minutes. In addition, we increased invoice issuance throughput by 5x, which means you can continue to count on Orb to handle large data loads and support exponential growth.

New status page: stay up to date with Orb’s uptime

As a part of our commitment to transparency and customer trust, we released a status page. You can use the page to learn more about the reliability and uptime of Orb’s APIs, Ingest, Webhooks, and Invoicing. You can also track any reported incidents by subscribing to the page.

Do you have any questions or feedback about the product updates above? Please share them with us here.

January 25, 2024
What's New in Orb

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