New in the Orbit: product updates from March

Cecily Gardner

On the heels of our Versions and Migrations launch, we’re continuing the drumbeat of product improvements to Orb’s billing engine. Our latest roundup of features includes a refreshed plan change flow that enables associating discounts to specific prices, granting credits conditional to a successful payment, and a new CSV export for accounting record syncs. These features are designed to make your billing experience simpler and more productive.

Associate a discount, minimum spend, or maximum spend to specific prices in the plan change flow

In the Change Plan flow, you can now associate a discount, minimum spend, or maximum spend to specific prices on a customer’s subscription. For example, a cloud infrastructure company may only want to offer a discount on its compute pricing, but not on networking and storage; a fintech company may want to set up a minimum commitment over its transactional SKUs, but not over its API-based SKUs.

You may use this flow when a customer is upgrading or downgrading their subscription to a new plan and you'd like to customize their discount given the specific contract details. Learn more here.

Grant credits only after an invoice is paid

We’ve been seeing a lot of traction in credit-based pricing models for fast-growing AI businesses, and Orb’s support for these billing models continues to get better. Credit increments can now be conditionally tied to a successful payment, to reduce overall collection and fraud risk.

You can configure ad-hoc increments and automatic top-ups to require a successful payment. If your customer has a credit grant that is pending on a payment, you will see it marked as pending in the Orb dashboard. Learn more here.

CSV export of account sync records

Orb has powerful accounting sync integrations with systems like Quickbooks and NetSuite, to help finance teams connect billing to their full revenue workflow. These integrations just got upgraded with a way to export detailed logs of every sync run.

These CSV exports enable you to audit and track record sync attempts and their various statuses as you set up your accounting integration. Navigate to the Accounting tab under Settings to check it out, or read more here.

Do you have any questions or feedback about these product updates? We’d love to hear from you.

March 28, 2024
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