New in the Orbit: product updates from Oct & Nov

Christina Hsu

As we enter the last month of the year, we are excited to share four top features we shipped in October and November. This roundup includes Orb’s salesforce integration, self-serve SSO control, SDKs, and capabilities to backdate prepaid credits.

Turbocharge sales workflows with automated provisioning Salesforce integration

Orb's Salesforce integration now helps reduce manual work and save time for sales teams. This integration automatically creates net-new plans in Orb corresponding to your customers’ negotiated pricing when a new opportunity is closed. This is an exciting update that adds to our existing capabilities, which syncs usage data from Orb into Salesforce.

In contrast to existing solutions in the market, we developed the integration to allow your sales teams to configure all fields on a customer or subscription from within Salesforce. Learn more about the advanced provisioning integration by contacting us or reading the docs.

Gain more control over who sees your revenue data

Orb admins can now enable or modify SSO authentication requirements in the Security tab of Settings. When password log-ins are not enough, SSO ensures consistent control across multiple systems, aligning access rights with business roles and responsibilities.

In addition, enabling SSO is considered a best practice in preparation for future audit and compliance reviews. SSO facilitates centralized logging and provides a clear access trail, enabling organizations to trace who accessed revenue data, when, and what actions were taken. Orb supports Google, Microsoft, or any SAML SSO solution. Learn more about the solution here.

Expedite Orb integration with thoughtfully designed SDKs

Integrate with Orb using the new SDKs. We designed them to serve three capabilities to ensure that Orb consistently delivers a great developer experience:

  1. Request idempotency support is built in so you don’t have to worry about double subscribing a customer. Retries are handled by the SDKs so transient errors are dealt with.
  2. The SDKs are autogenerated from our OpenAPI spec so they are automatically updated as the SDKs change.
  3. Type safety is built into SDKs for request and response types so you can use autocomplete in your editor and static type checking.

Orb SDKs are available in Python, Node.js/Typescript, and Go. Learn more about them here or check out this demo.

Unlock the full potential of prepaid credits

Say goodbye to manual corrections to backdating prepaid credits. With the new backdating feature, Orb users can align billing with contract signing dates. They can also help customers avoid overages if they run out of credits during your renegotiations. Simply set up credits with a backdated effective date and let Orb do the math. Charge customers accurately without worrying about revenue gaps.

Do you have any questions or feedback about the product updates above? Please share them with us here.

December 1, 2023
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