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Opus is a simple and convenient training platform for frontline workers. With a focus on the restaurant industry, with high turnover and many compliance needs, from sexual harassment prevention training to food handler safety and safe liquor sales training, Opus delivers on-the-job training that builds skills quickly.

Pain Points

Before, invoicing involved manual calculations every month for Opus. When they began building a billing system with Stripe, they realized it didn’t offer the flexibility they needed or the ability to offer pre-purchase credits.


Orb helps Opus offer a flexible pricing model to its customers so they can respond to their own unpredictable needs. The finance team no longer spends time manually calculating and billing; the engineering team can focus on Opus’ product. The team also now has added visibility into expansion revenue and overages.

Key Points
  • Opus’ need to provide its customers with flexible pricing options created a need for a flexible billing system.
  • After struggling with manual invoicing, they turned to Orb, removing the headache of billing for finance and engineering teams alike. 
  • With a more accurate and automatic billing process powered by Orb, Opus has increased its expansion revenue.

Opus needed a pricing model to give its customers the flexibility they need to handle their frontline education and training needs as they arise. The company iterated on its pricing for a long time, eventually landing on a model that gave customers the flexibility they needed but was a big administrative process. 

The team had to calculate true-ups and charge monthly overages for every customer manually. This process became onerous for the internal team—every invoice involved manual calculations.

The need for a robust and customized platform

When they first tried to build a solution for their manual billing process, Opus turned to Stripe. However, the team quickly realized they needed a more robust and customized platform. They were introduced to Orb, and Opus Co-Founder and CTO Jeff Silver was confident it could solve his invoicing challenges with its flexible support for pre-purchase credits. 

With Orb, Opus now offers their customers a pricing model that caters to the unpredictability they see in verticals like the restaurant industry. Opus now delivers a better billing experience, saves its finance and engineering teams time, and increases revenue with its new visibility into expansion revenue and overages.

No more manual math for invoicing

With Orb, Opus saves time every month, and its customers are billed for their specific usage, no math required. They have also eliminated any in-house engineering work and can focus all of their engineering resources on iterating and perfecting their product.

Reducing revenue leakage and increasing revenue 

Opus struggled to keep up with manual invoicing for nearly three years—a drain on their time and company resources. Over time, revenue leakage became an issue because the billing process wasn’t accurate. Now that invoicing is automatic, all of the data and information about customer billing is visible, and Opus calculates and collects overages with no manual work required. Since implementing Orb, their expansion revenue has outperformed their expectations. 

A flexible solution that scales with Opus’ growth

Opus now offers its customers a way to manage compliance training with an easy-to-understand pricing model. With pricing based on premium content credits, customers can easily decide to launch a training anytime without wondering about what they’ll be billed. Customers also get visibility into their credit balance so they know how much they can spend before they exceed their limit.

By relying on Orb for billing, Opus has increased its revenue, saved engineering resources, reduced tedious manual work, and provided a better experience for its customers—driving its mission forward to build the most accessible training platform for frontline workers.

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