How Opus avoided revenue leakage with a streamlined billing process

Orb saves us time and makes us more money. — Jeff Silver, Co-founder and CTO, Opus

Founded in the beginning of 2020, Opus has been working for three years to create the most accessible training platform for frontline workers. Serving mainly the restaurant industry, Opus offers simple and convenient deskless training to frontline workers across the nation. Co-founder and CTO, Jeff Silver, shared, “Our mission is to create a world where every frontline worker has a good job that leads to more economic opportunity.” 

With high turnover and complex compliance challenges, Opus’ customers have very specific needs for training their workforce. “We work with the restaurant industry and it’s no secret that turnover is a big problem there,” said Jeff. “In terms of compliance needs, there are a variety of things that need to happen.” Those compliance needs might include sexual harassment prevention training, food handler safety classes, safe liquor sales training, and so on. 

While education for frontline workers is predictable, the timing for those trainings is not. High turnover and shifting compliance deadlines create an environment ripe for a pricing model that can accommodate variability and changes. “We want to give our customers the flexibility they need to handle their compliance needs as they come up,” explained Jeff. “We couldn't have a model where we were tying specific compliance needs into a payment schedule because our customers don’t know when those compliance needs will come throughout the year.” 

Outside of timing for trainings, Opus customers have another challenge—the constant shift in who is working for them. When a business is scaling up to 500 employees and then needs to hire 50 more when 25 have just left, the license needs to be transferred, not discarded. “We simply can’t double charge customers when turnover happens,” said Jeff. “And that really changes the way you think about cost for a system like ours.”

Working in partnership with Orb, Opus now offers their customers a pricing model that caters to the unpredictability we often see in verticals such as the restaurant industry. “We have a usage-based model for how many licenses our customers are using,” said Jeff. This usage-based model, combined with transferable licenses and premium content credits, is helping Opus deliver a better billing experience, save their finance and engineering team time, and increase revenue by increasing visibility into expansion revenue and overages. 

“Orb is helping us grow and bring in more revenue in an easier way.” —Jeff Silver, Co-founder and CTO, Opus

Spending too much time on invoicing before Orb

“Before Orb, we iterated on pricing for a really long time,” said Jeff. “We eventually landed on a model that gave people the flexibility they needed, but it was a big administrative process.” The team had to manually calculate true-ups and charge overages every month. “It became difficult for our internal team to invoice customers because we had to do math for every invoice—the process wasn’t automatic, it was very manual.” Opus also offers volume discounts to their customers, making the process of invoicing even more complex.

To add to the inefficiency of invoicing before Orb, the Opus CEO, Rachael Nemeth, was the one managing most of the billing tasks. Because she was involved in so many of the contract negotiations, she needed to be part of the invoicing process so every customer was billed correctly. Jeff explained, “It became super expensive for our business to do billing this way and just to get money from our customers every month.”

Choosing Orb as a partner 

Once the team realized they needed to make a shift in the way they were managing invoices and billing at Opus, they decided to try and build a solution with Stripe. They quickly realized they needed a more robust and customized platform for their usage-based pricing strategy. “We realized Stripe wasn’t going to support what we needed. And then I was introduced to Orb by another Orb customer, Knock.”

After meeting with the Orb team, Jeff was confident that Orb could provide a solution to his invoicing challenges with its flexible support for pre-purchase credits. Orb impressed Opus with exceptional customer service and an engineering team that could support what Opus needs. “There are other competitors in the space, but none of them could do what we needed out of the box,” said Jeff. “And after spending time with the Orb team, I knew that if anyone was going to figure it out, it was Orb.” 

“Frankly, this wouldn’t work without the Orb engineering team. The team is responsive, answers questions in Slack, and helps us figure out what we need to do to achieve our desired billing experience” —Jeff Silver, Co-founder and CTO, Opus

No more manual math for invoicing

With Orb, Opus is saving a tremendous amount of time every month. With a flexible usage-based billing platform, Opus customers are billed for their specific usage, no math required. 

“Orb saves us time because we no longer have to do any manual math for invoicing. With Orb, invoicing is automatic.” —Jeff Silver, Co-founder and CTO, Opus

Opus is also saving time by eliminating any in-house engineering work. Now they can focus all of their engineering efforts into iterating and perfecting their product, not building decimal rounding for half cent charges. “I don’t want to spend my time on that and I don’t want my team to spend time on that,” shared Jeff. “We want to focus on solving the problems our customers are having, not worrying about how to invoice them.” 

“I don’t want to think about the rounding strategy for an invoice. With Orb, I don’t have to.” —Jeff Silver, Co-founder and CTO, Opus

Reducing revenue leakage and increasing revenue 

For nearly three years, Opus struggled to keep up with manual invoicing. Not only was this a drain on time, it drained company resources too. Revenue leakage became a larger issue because the billing process wasn’t accurate. Now that invoicing is automatic, all of the data and information about customer billing is visible. “With Orb, we don’t miss anything. It’s just all right there,” said Jeff.

“Orb helps us make more money because we can automatically track and collect expansion revenue.” —Jeff Silver, Co-founder and CTO, Opus

Once Opus implemented Orb, they started calculating and collecting overages with no manual work required—something they couldn't do before. “After our implementation, we found that our expansion revenue was doing even better than we thought it would. Now we could see it and capture it without us doing anything additional.”

A flexible solution that scales with Opus’ growth

Opus has built their pricing strategy to serve their customers and their specific needs in the best way possible. With Orb, Opus now offers customers a way to manage compliance training with an easy-to-understand pricing model. “The decision to initiate a sexual harassment training or a food handler safety training is going to be made in the context of 10,000 other things,” said Jeff. “So the way we handle these complex billing scenarios is to simplify everything down to premium content credits as the billing unit.”

A credit is something you can use for any compliance training, whether it’s sexual harassment training or allergen awareness or PCI compliance. Opus customers can simply use a premium content credit when they need it. 

Opus customers also get visibility into their credit balance so they know how much they can spend before they go over their limit. It’s automatic for Opus and more transparent for Opus’ customers. 

Orb is helping Opus see incredible benefits, including: 

  • Increased revenue | With less revenue leakage and more visibility into overages and expansion revenue, Opus is increasing revenue by simply using Orb. 
  • Engineering time saved | Building an in-house billing solution isn’t what Opus engineers were hired to do. Now they can focus on the Opus mission instead of wasting cycles working on an in-house invoicing system. 
  • Time saved | With Orb, the Opus CEO isn’t in the weeds of invoicing anymore. That process is automatic, saving Rachael several hours every month.

  • An easy-to-use billing platform | The Orb platform was built to be as user-friendly as possible. “The interface is easy to use and makes a lot of sense,” said Jeff.

  • A better customer billing experience | Customers can clearly see how many credits they have to spend and how many they’ve already used in their current billing cycle.

  • An integrated billing experience with Salesforce | The Orb and Salesforce integration makes it easy for Opus to sync invoices directly with Salesforce. 

Partnering with Orb has helped Opus save time on billing so they can focus on driving their mission forward to build the most accessible training platform for frontline workers.

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