Introducing Orb’s new look

Jenny Ji

We’re unveiling a new look that aligns with our mission to provide every business with the infrastructure to unlock their revenue. An increasing number of B2B companies are looking to evolve their monetization with hybrid and usage-based pricing models, but inflexible billing tools stand in the way. These legacy tools are clunky, fragmented, and rigid, leading to manual processes, scope creep, and a never-ending drain on engineering resources. The ripple effects impact customers, with loss of trust due to billing mistakes, revenue leakage, and team burnout.

So, we embarked on a mission to redefine the billing experience, placing accuracy, flexibility, and scalability at its core. With Orb, we've transformed billing from a dreaded process into a seamless, efficient one. We built billing so you don’t have to. 

Our refreshed visual brand language gives life to the core concepts behind Orb: trust, dynamism, and knowledge. Here’s the story behind it.

Lenses: enabling clarity

Orb is a rich solution, flexibly meeting our customers wherever they are. To express this,we use a series of purpose-built lenses layered upon each other in a system designed for extensibility.

Guilloche — to show accuracy and dynamism. Guilloche patterns are the wavy fine line patterns used as security elements on currency, embodying the concepts of revenue and trust. In billing, accuracy matters down to every single usage event. The sinuous forms of the sphere also add a sense of modernity to finance and billing, forces that keep the world turning.

Granular — to get into the nitty-gritty. The fine-grained texture represents our commitment to conveying both depth and detail; we don’t shy away from diving into the weeds. We designed Orb as the first fully extensible billing engine for B2B pricing. Every developer now has powerful APIs and capabilities to customize billing infrastructure to their unique needs.

Graph — to connect the dots. Revenue is a company-wide workflow that involves many different teams. Orb brings these teams together, connecting different perspectives and creating shared insights. We use the graph lens when highlighting the real-time insights and analytics that Orb enables.

When used in tandem, these lenses demonstrate the depth of the Orb product offering, mixing usage and revenue in unique and flexible combinations to power the most sophisticated B2B billing use cases.

Colors: reflecting expertise and dynamism

The color palette conveys a sense of grounded stability paired with flexible energy, using rich blues and neutral grays complemented by a soft black and electrifying green.

The straightforward primary colors convey our commitment to accuracy, flexibility, and scalability. But we didn’t want to lose the element of real-timeness and dynamism that is core to modern pricing. The highlight green brings that dose of energy.

Logo: a unified approach

At Orb, we believe in interconnected workflows and teams rallying around a system of record. The logo symbolizes our holistic approach to billing. Every team, whether it's engineering, finance, product, growth, or customer success, plays a crucial role in driving growth. Orb was designed to unite these teams for cross-functional collaboration.


Much like we built extensibility into our product, we set out to build extensibility into our brand system. Our expanded visual language shows the distinct facets of billing challenges and the different workflows that we currently support in Orb. We’re excited to continue evolving and extending the brand as we continue building towards our full product vision.

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October 12, 2023

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